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#Bike Check

Sergio Layos 2020 Sierra Bike Check

2 months ago Sergio Layos Bike Check
Sergio Layos has been busy healing up from surgery on his foot the past few months, but he has recently dialed in his 2020 Sierra setup with a few new items that we're excited to be releasing in the near future! The crew over at DIG caught up with Sergio to get a closer look at his setup, along...

Courage Adams Bike Check

7 months ago Courage Adams Bike Check
As some of you may have spotted on Instagram, Courage Adams dialed in his bike with one of his 2020 signature Savanna frames. After getting a ton of requests, Courage decided he wanted to do his Pearl White colorway again, and it's easy to see why! The frame, along with our full 2020 range of...

Devon Smillie Bike Check On Vital BMX

10 months ago Devon Smillie Bike Check
Our friends at Vital BMX have released a brand new Bike Check with Devon Smillie and his current signature Fuego setup! This has a bunch of great photos, a parts list and Devon answers a few questions about his setup. If you look closely, you will get a look at a sample of Devon's new signature...

Larry Edgar Aire Bike Check Video

When you go as fast and as big as Larry Edgar goes, you need to know that you can count on the parts that are on your bike. That's why we not only design our bikes, frames and parts to look great, but to be able to handle the abuse that comes from riding. When we worked with Larry on designing his...

Larry Edgar Bike Check

2 years ago Larry Edgar Bike Check
A few weeks back Larry Edgar had asked some of his followers to send in their best questions for him to answer as part of his latest Bike Check feature that is now online over on DIG BMX. The bike check takes a closer look at his signature Geo setup with pretty much all Flybikes parts! Check out...