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3 months ago

When it comes to Devon Smillie's setup, he's refined his signature Fuego line to his exact specs over the years to get his bike exactly where he wants it to be! With his new 2020 Fuego promo dropping the other week, we figured it was a good time to get a closer look at his current setup to see just what he was putting work in on, and to catch up with him a little bit! Get a closer look at what Devon is riding these days!


FLY FUEGO FRAME METALLIC RED: Top tube: 21" / Rear End: 12.8" / Head Tube: 75.5" / Seat Tube: 71º / Standover: 9.25" / Bottom Bracket Height: 11.75" / Head Tube Height: 113mm. - 4.45 / Brake System: Brakeless - Weight: 2.305Kg. - 5.08Lbs.

FLY FUEGO 4P BARS: Rise: 9" / Width: 29" / Backsweep: 10" / Upsweep: 3" / Weight: 903grs. - 1.99Lbs.

FLY FUEGO LIGERA TIRE: Foldable Front & Rear / Size: 20” X 2.30” / / Light Kevlar Folding / "HPPR" Layer Technology / Pinch Resistant Layer / High Pressure Casing / Material: 60TPI Construction / Max. Pressure: 120PSI. / Weight: 600grs. - 21oz.

FLY DEVON GRIPS BLACK: Length:160mm. / Diameter: 29mm. / Hardness: 25º / Weight: 113grs. - 3.98oz.

FLY FUEGO TRIPOD SEAT: Material: Black Kevlar and Vinyl / Foam Size: 235mm. Long - 140mm. Wide / Foam Thickness: 25mm. / Weight: 283grs. - 9.9oz.

- Your signature Fuego tires are rated for a max PSI of 120, but you have always ran the tires with a low PSI. What is the magic pressure for you these days?

Depends if I run the Kevlar Ligera version or the steel beaded Fuego tires. Steel bead, I like to run around 30 PSI, but with kevlar, the sidewalls are a little bit lighter weight so a little more pressure helps to balance it out.

- You have always been into designing and making tweaks to your signature Fuego line. What have you been working on for 2021?

We have a couple new products and ideas in the works, but as of what is out now, everything is perfect! I wouldn’t change a thing, maybe just new colors. We have done so many changes over the years to get it where it is, I can’t imagine anything else to make it better.

- How have you been staying busy during all the COVID shutdowns? Any new hobbies you have been into? We saw you dialed in a new computer setup on Instagram.

I have been keeping really busy. I bought some tools and have been working on and detailing some cars. I'm also enjoying my new PC:) It’s been great with the driving simulator! To be honest, COVID hasn't really slowed down my riding. If anything’s we have been going out more since schools were closed!

- What have you been missing the most since the shutdown started?

Average skatepark sessions, but mostly getting to take Haley out for dinner!

- Obviously with the way things are these days, travel has been hard, and working on video projects is a little trickier. Have you had the chance to work on any new projects other than your 2020 Fuego promo that just dropped?

Like I was saying, schools have been closed so it’s giving us a lot of opportunity to go filming on local spots. I have been working on a new project, but I am taking my time, though. I want it to be just right!

- What do you have lined up for once things start opening back up? Any trips or anything you’re looking forward to in particular? 

Super bummed all our plans so far this year were canceled, but luckily I love being home. So, I don’t mind too much, but at this point, just waiting for trips to start back up and to be able to go on vacation with Haley.

- We noticed you have been mixing things up with your riding lately. Is there any tricks you haven’t done in a while that you started doing again, or new tricks you have been working on learning?

Not really anything in particular, I’ve just been having fun switching back and forth from cassette and coaster. It’s keeping riding fresh and fun!

Devon's signature Fuego line is available through Flybikes dealers worldwide and online!

Photos: John Povah